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Pre-Clerkship Years (Yr 1 & 2)

The current Year 2 Psychiatry components in the UBC Medical Program are:

  1. Brain and Behaviour (Year 2);
  2. Clinical Skills (Year 2)

The Year 2 curriculum emphasizes a problem-and case-based approach to learning.  Students learn applicable basic sciences, clinical skills, clinical diagnostic reasoning, clinical therapeutic reasoning, and communication skills in preparation for the 6 week Year 3 core clerkship rotation.

Brain and Behaviour is a nine-week block that includes lectures and small group sessions that integrates learning about the Peripheral Nervous System, the Spinal Cord, the Brainstem Systems, Higher Cortical Organization & Function, the Basis of Consciousness and Seizures, Chronic Pain, Neurotransmission, Psychosis & Movement Disorders, Emotion, Personality & their Disorders and Aging, Dementia & Sleep.  There are weekly quizzes and an end of year exam.

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