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Surrey Memorial Hospital – Academics

Psychiatry Grand Rounds (Monthly)

Grand rounds presentation in a variety of psychiatry topics delivered by staff, residents or visiting specialists.

Consultation-Liason Psychiatry Rounds (Weekly)

Led by staff psychiatrist or residents to discuss interesting cases seen on the CL service.

GP rounds (Weekly)

Family Medicine topics that is of general interest and often attended by Psychiatry

Internal Medicine Rounds (Weekly)

Internal Medicine cases and topics that is of interest to many practitioners and also often attended by Psychiatry

Interview Skills Workshop (Bi-weekly)

Residents are coached by staff psychiatrist to improve their interviewing skills.  Alternates with Phenomenology teaching.

Phenomenology Series (Bi-weekly)

Lecture series on the structure of subjective experiences and consciousness with a focus on clinical cases.  Alternates with Interview Skills Workshop

Psychopharmacology (Monthly)

Discussion on pharmacotherapy cases led by attending staff

OSCE Rounds (Weekly)

Royal College practice OSCE’s led by staff

General Psychiatry Journal Club (Monthly)

Critical appraisal of new literature in general Psychiatry led by attending staff and residents

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Journal Club (Monthly)

Child and adolescent Psychiatry literature are appraised and discussed